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Athan Zafirov | Top 5 Items of Street wear For Girls

Athan Zafirov the famous and reputed fashion blogger in Los Angeles explore some top 5 items of street wear for girls.

It might be hard to believe with the weather we’ve been having of late, but according to the calendar at least, spring has officially sprung. Now’s the time to update your wardrobe for the new season, so we’ve compiled a top 5 list of street wear essentials to get you started with a little inspiration. So, without further ado…

1.            Vans Shoes – A sure-fire classic that never goes out of style, Vans are iconic in the world of street wear. They’re functional, fashionable and versatile enough to go with pretty much anything. Flats are in this season and with Vans, you’re guaranteed comfort as well as style, it’s the time to take advantage of this trend. Try teaming a pair of ‘Vans Era – Hawaiian & Reds’ with a skater-style dress for a fun and flirty look.

Athan Zafirov Van Shoes collection 2020
Latest van Shoes by Athan Zafirov

2.            Twill Chinos – Lightweight, comfortable and stylish, you can’t go wrong this season with a pair of twill chinos. Twill’s really on trend at the moment, with many big-name street wear brands incorporating twill pieces into their lines. It reflects the ‘gentrified’ direction that street wear as a whole is currently moving in. Chinos are always a great choice, because they can be dressed up or down to look either smart or casual, depending on what the occasion calls for.

Athan Zafirov Formal Collection 2020
Athan Zafirov Latest Collection

3.            Graphic Tees – Graphic tees are an absolute essential when it comes to street wear style. They’re great over a pair of skinny-leg jeans (check out Dr. Denim), or with a pair of slim-fit chinos. Graphic tees are great for when you want to make a statement. And if you go for tees and trousers in black and white colors, you can also incorporate this season’s monochrome trend into your look. Black and white are always good colors to go for, because season after season, they never go out of style.

Athan Zafirov Graphic T-Shirt
Graphic Tees by Athan Zafirov

4.            Fishtail Parkas – Parkas are as ubiquitous in the world of urban fashion. They’re lightweight and breathable, but also provide protection from the rain – which, considering the weather we’ve been having of late, you might just be grateful for! The ‘Penfield Olive Seabury’ is a great one to go for, as it adds some modern twists to the classic parka design.

Athan Zafirov Latest fashion collection 2020
Athan Zafirov latest Collection for girls

5.            Vest Tops – Vest tops are a great look on girls. Both sexy and flattering, you can pretty much find a style to suit any taste or shape. Actual Pain, Rebel8 and Huf do some awesome ones – we particularly like ‘Actual Pain’s Acid Wolf Vest’. Team one with a pair of low-slung jeans to create a killer look, that’s as suited to chilling out in the day, as it is for partying at night with friends.

Athan Zafirov Tees for girls
Athan Zafirov

Okay, so the sun might not be out yet, but we can at least get our wardrobes ready in anticipation of when it does. In the meantime, a little shopping for spring/summer is a sure-fire way to put a smile back on your face, and get you dreaming of blue skies, sunshine and all those lazy summer days to come.

For more fashion tips and blogs keep following Athan Zafirov.

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