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Athan Zafirov | Latest College Fashion Trend

Athan Zafirov the acclaimed fashion master from Los Angeles clarifies some most recent college fashion trends.

Athan Zafirov Stylist clothes
Athan Zafirov

We don’t really acknowledge how significant fashion for college is on the grounds that we regularly think fashion is just for rich bratz and exploratory individuals. Indeed, dislike that by any stretch of the imagination, you don’t need to purchase marked or costly dress to look cheeky, you can wear outfits from your closet and still look astounding on the off chance that you wear it the correct way and style it relying on the trend.

Here are a couple of reasonable looks you can take motivation from.

1) Graphic tee trend

Wear your customary realistic tee tucked into a since quite a while ago creased skirt. This is an astonishing and reasonable look you should attempt to resemble a diva in your college. Wear your impact points for the footwear and you’re prepared to shake.

DIY a larger than average realistic tee and wear it as a dress. You should simply leave a little texture along the neck area and cut out a triangle shape with the goal that it would appear that a choker dress. You can even get it in the event that you need.

The most fundamental yet snappy is this one where you simply need to freely take care of your tee in the denim pants and wear a couple of boots to resemble a fashion symbol en route you walk.

2. Athleisure

The least demanding trend this season is athleisure and styling yourself in it is much increasingly simpler and the most agreeable of all. You can take motivation from this one. Wear a standard easygoing shirt dress matched with shoes and a shoulder sack. This is the ideal seek convey for your college.

Wear an energetic coat over your standard LBD and pair it up with shoes. This is a truly cool and agreeable hope to attempt and needn’t bother with a lot of endeavors.

Have a go at blending up your exercise center yield top and calfskin leggings and utilize a shirt around your abdomen to look trendy and easygoing. What’s more, on the off chance that it gets to some degree nippy at night after college, you can wear the shirt over the top to conceal.

3. The Nude Trend

Customary college is certainly not a decent time for you to wear intense cosmetics, just regular looking making or should we say Nude Makeup would be the best. This normal dash of cosmetics would go with any style or look you wish to pull off.

Nude hues, for example, peach, pink, beige, amp up your college look. Easy and simple to convey, the hues go with denims just as other texture of apparel as well.

For more fashion trends and tips continue following Athan Zafirov.

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